31 Days Embracing The Journey

We’re off on an adventure!

A beautiful, exciting, 31-day adventure of life.

31 Days Embracing The Journey31 Days Embracing The Journey

Where we’ll celebrate the little things in life. Where we’ll linger a little longer, breathe a little deeper, love a little sweeter, gaze a little higher.

Where we’ll look at the ordinary with a new perspective. Where we’ll appreciate the uncomplicated. Where we’ll celebrate the simple.

Stop by often to be encouraged for your journey.

Introduction – Life Is A Journey, Right??

Day 1 – Following Your Calling

Day 2 – The Blessing Of Family

Day 3 – Capture The Moments

Day 4 – Embrace Who You Are

Day 5 – Home Is Where Your What Is?

Day 6 – Looking Forward Or Back?

Day 7 – Love Enough To Love Yourself

Day 8 – Live In Full Color

Day 9 – Trust Your Driver. Enjoy The View

Day 10 – Ready, Set, Go!

Day 11 – Take Time To Rest

Day 12 – The Storms On The Journey

Day 13 – Patience For The Journey

Day 14 – When It’s Best Not To Fly

Day 15 – Laugh, Think & Cry

Day 16 – Brighten Your Journey

Day 17 – Be The One To Offer

Day 18 – Places Worth Going

Day 19 – Honor One Another

Day 20 – A Temporary Home

Day 21 – Create A Tidal Wave

Day 22 – The Gift Of Value

Day 23 – Choose Joy

Day 24 – Soak In The Silence

Day 25 – Avoid The Crash

Day 26 – Listen For The Whisper

Day 27 – Live The Perhaps

Day 28 – Hold On To Hope

Day 29 – Step Into The Sea

Day 30 – Indulge Occasionally

Day 31 – On The Edge Of Almost

And because when I challenge myself, I tend to go all out. So, instead of just taking the #write31days challenge here at Live Laugh Linger,  I’m also crazy enough to take it on at my personal blog, Loving God Loving Others at julielefebure.com with 31 Days Celebrating Who You Are. I invite you to visit over there, too, for encouragement and hope based on who you are according to God.

(Crazy… I know!)

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    1. Hi Barbie! Yay! I’m looking forward to following along in your journey as well. I’m doing the five minutes of writing on this blog, and “regular” posts on my other blog. I’m crazy, I know… but I feel like I need to challenge myself. Glad we’re doing it together!

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