31 Days of Finding Joy in The Journey

Day 1 – Finding Joy In The Journey

Day 2 – Is Joy The Same As Happiness? 

Day 3 – Joy In A New Perspective

Day 4 – Joy In Making Someone’s Day

Day 5 – Joy Is Not Determined By Circumstances

Day 6 – Worry Robs Our Joy

Day 7 – 17 Ways To Bring Joy To Your Family 

Day 8 – A Cup Of Joy

Day 9 – Beauty In The Simple Things

Day 10 – Joy Found In Caring

Day 11 – Your Smile Reveals A Joy-filled Heart

Day 12 – Music Bring Joy To The Heart

Day 13 – Gratitude Makes Us Joyful

Day 14 – Today I Will Choose Joy

Day 15 – Living In The Moment Brings Joy

Day 16 – Joy Is Found In Giving

Day 17 – Do What Brings You Joy

Day 18 – Get To Instead Of Have To

Day 19 – Even In The Toughest Of Days

Day 20 – 5 Simple Ways To Spread Joy At Work

Day 21 – Comparison, The Thief

Day 22 – Make A Difference = Joy

Day 23 – 10 Fun Ideas To Add Joy To Your Day

Day 24 – There’s Joy When You Dare Yourself

Day 25 – It Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect

Day 26 – When We Could Use Some Extra Joy 

Day 27 – No More Rotten Words

Day 28 – The Joy In Being Real

Day 29 – Forget The Finish Line

Day 30 – Adventure Of The Rarest Joy

Day 31 – Leave A Trail Of Joy

Finding Joy In The Journey Recap 




Bliss. Delight. Satisfaction. Elation. Exultation. Wonder.

Can we ever have too much of it? Can our days ever be too full of it?

There’s enough of the opposite in this world these days, and we don’t have to look too far to see it…

Sadness. Sorrow. Misery. Depression. Discouragement, Unhappiness. Dislike. Woe.

No one every said life would be easy, but no matter where life takes us, and no matter what we go through, we can choose to be joyful.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done.

But we only have one chance to live the life we’ve been given on this earth. We only have one chance to live this day, to live this moment.

Why not make it great? What not make it beautiful? Why not do what we can to find daily joy in this journey we’re traveling on?

For the month of October, we are going to do that here.

31 Days Of Finding Joy In The Journey…

31 Days of Finding Joy in the Journey 2Each day we’re going to be intentional on finding the joy in life and living it out. You’ll find short, daily posts filled with appreciation for the simple things, ways to cultivate joy, and how to share your joy with others.

Many others are writing for 31 days, too, in October. You can find the collection at write31days.com. I’ll also be linking up with my friend Kate through the month as well.

It’s going to, no doubt, be a joy-filled month here at Live Laugh Linger, and I pray it’s a joy-filled month in your life and in mine… even through any not-so-pleasant stuff.

Join me, won’t you?

Stop by when you can. Point a friend here who may need a shot of joy in his/her life. Share if something has touched you from one of the posts. Encourage another on his/her journey by sharing your joy in the section below the posts.

You’ll add to the joy that’s happening here.

I can’t wait to experience it alongside of you. May we come out on the other side with our joy a little brighter and our journey a little sweeter!

In the meantime, encouraging you to live in joy today!


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  1. Nice to stumble across your 31 Days. 🙂 Think I’ll visit frequently, to linger with you on those joyful moments. 🙂 Love the “lingering” in joy. Need to do more of that.
    Your distant neighbour on 31 Days.

    1. Hi Cara! Welcome! Thank you for stopping over. I hope you do visit frequently! I think we all need to do more of the “lingering.” I’ll stop by over at your place soon. Such a blessing to journey alongside of you in this adventure!

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