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Hi! My name is Julie, and I love a good cup of coffee.DSCN7218 (2)

Thanks for stopping by today. I’m glad you’re here.

I’m a pretty simple gal, who finds joy in un-rushed mornings, dining on colorful Fiesta dinnerware, and breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. I can’t seem to resist a fresh, gooey chocolate chip cookie to save my life, so I’m often found walking outdoors to offset the calories.

I live where some would call “in the middle of nowhere,” on a farm in Iowa, even though you won’t likely find me or my husband behind the wheel of a tractor. We love it out here in “God’s country.”

We’re in this life together.

It’s a joy to journey along in this life with those who live a real life.

With those who understand how life can get heavy and burdensome, and sometimes we just need some encouragement to “keep on keeping on.”

With those who do what they can to embrace all there is in this life, who celebrate the simple things, and who try to see the best in what’s around them.


Live. Laugh. Linger. was born out of the reality of how life can get way too busy, way too complicated, and way too serious. I wanted a place where we could find joy and encouragement in every day life.

This is the place where we can:

  • Boldly LIVE life to it’s fullest.
  • LAUGH through our days.
  • LINGER in beautiful moments.

It’s where we can maybe, just maybe, stop the fast pace of life and find encouragement, a little fun and craziness, help and hope.

You’ll find I publish here to encourage five days a week.

To never miss the daily encouragement, subscribe to receive them by email in the area to the left. (Your email address is never published and I certainly won’t be sharing it with anyone.)

I can also be found on Twitter at @LiveLaughLinger.

What else you might want to know.

I am a Christian, and my faith in Jesus is my lifeline and source of strength.. But you won’t find me pushing Him in your face every day. I’m not like that. But you will find I talk about my faith. You won’t be made to feel guilty here. There’s enough stuff in the word that does that.

I’m Bill’s wife of 22 years. I moved out of our home in the beginning of year seven, and never thought we’d see year eight. But here we are, still standing for our marriage and loving each other through life’s ups and downs.Julie Bill

I’m also Mom to Alissa (20) and Zach (17), two of the most precious lives around. Life with them has been one fun adventure. I love being a mom to an adult and a teenager!

DSCN7217Next year Bill and I will find ourselves as “empty-nesters.” Life is in transition, but it’s good and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I’ve owned my own business through Mary Kay for 21 years. I’ve worked in radio, was once a certified fitness instructor, worked with the homeless and those in need, and now I write full-time, as I work part-time in banking.

Why writing?

I had never considered myself a writer until someone last year called me one. I liked it.

I’ve been blogging since November 2007, simply to share my life in writing for my children. Still grieving the death of my best friend and mother, I would have given about anything to have the details of her beautiful life documented. I desired that for my children, and for future grandchildren.

My other blog, Loving God…Loving Others, is my original blog. It emerged from a sermon given by Pastor Mel on Matthew 22:36-40. The two most important things we can do while on this earth… love God and love others. It changed my life. I write “more personally” over there.

I write, but I also speak.

I also find great joy and honor in sharing my life experiences behind a microphone, with all kinds of different audiences. I’d love to encourage your group or church! Contact me if you or someone you know is in need of encouraging, life-filled words.

Thank you again for stopping by. I look forward to journeying through this life with you and finding joy along our way!



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