Finding Joy In The Journey Recap

Life is a journey

We’re just stepping off of a beautiful journey.

31 Days Of Finding Joy In The Journey.

Each day during October we were on an exploration to find joy in the every day. In the little things. In the tough times. In our work. In life.

It took us deep. It grew us. We saw life through a different perspective. We discovered things about ourselves and others we weren’t aware of.

We also found the preciousness of joy, and really, how it can’t be taken away from us.

I think that was the truth I needed to be reminded of the most.

An awe-inspiring journey - joy in the journeyIt was an awe-inspiring journey.

I thank you for coming alongside of me and being my traveling buddy. You made this adventure extra-special, and I’m not sure I could have made it to the finish line without your encouragement and your presence.

Revisit the places we traveled. All posts can be found here. I have, and will again.

But just because our 31 Day trek is over, this journey of finding joy really doesn’t end, does it?

As long as we are on this earth, we have the opportunity to live in joy every single day. And better yet, we have many occasions to scatter it wherever the path takes us.

Yes, life will happen. It has a way of doing that, doesn’t it? But as we learned during our 31 days, our circumstances do not determine our joy. Keep spreading joy, especially during those times.

I invite you back here to journey with me, and to share the joy you find.

And when it seems your joy is waning, and you could use a shot of it, swing by and hang out with me here a few minutes.

You’ll be able to pick back up right where you left off… with a lift in your step.

Joy. Find it. Live it. Share it.

Joy find it

May joy be evident in your life. May it overflow from you, and into the lives of others. And may you leave a trail of joy wherever you go.

Much love to you today!

This concludes our 31 Days Of Finding Joy In The Journey series in the 31 Days writing challenge. All previous posts can be found here. It’s a joy to share this journey and life with you! God bless you, friend!

31 Days Finding Joy

Leave A Trail Of Joy

Years ago (it seems like it was just yesterday), my son would leave a trail of Legos throughout our house, while our daughter would leave a trail of black bobby pins.

My son’s Legos have been in storage for a few years now, but I long for the days when those colorful blocks covered his floor.

When our daughter comes home to visit, she still leaves the familiar trail of bobby pins. I don’t mind anymore, however. I’m just glad to have her home.

I wonder… What kind of trails do you and I leave?

A trail of love? Grace? Pleasantness?

Or grumpiness? Busyness? Condemnation?

How about joy? Do we leave a trail of joy?

When people follow after us, I pray they see the joy we’ve scattered. I pray they experience it. I pray they share it.

Leave a trail of joy

Leave a trail of joy.

This is where this wonderful journey ends. Our 31 Days Of Finding Joy In The Journey comes to a close today. But it’s not completely over. My 31 Days Wrap Up will be coming soon.

But for today, let’s end this month, and this series, in leaving a trail of joy wherever we are. Wherever we go. In the lives of those we “do life with.” In the lives of those we meet!

We may never know what a difference the joy we share with others makes!

What a blessing it is to journey with you, friend! I’ll know how to find you in the future… I’ll just follow your trail of joy.


It’s Five Minute Friday! (This post was written in 7 minutes.) Many of us free write for five minutes on a one word prompt each week. This week’s word is LEAVE. We gather to share at Kate Motaung’s place. It’s so fun over there! I’d love for you to join us! If  you don’t have a blog, write five minutes on your own or write it in the comments section below to share what you’ve come up with. It’s such a freeing and fun way to end the week!
31 Days Finding Joy

Adventure Of The Rarest Joy

Life is a beautiful adventure.

Life is a beautiful adventureThe last twelve months have been some of the most interesting months of my life. It was around Christmastime last year when I began to embrace my life being an adventure.

An adventure with God.

I’ve learned the hard way I can’t control what happens in my days. But I know the One who can.

I trusted God with my life long ago. I have experienced so many “God moments,” where I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that He was showing Himself to be my Protector, my Savior, my Defender, my Friend.

And after experiencing how He saved me in an emergency room bed years ago, well, that was the icing on the cake.

This new perspective, living an adventure with God, has brought me incredible joy.

I have been able to let go, and let God be in control, as I know He’s the One behind the wheel, guiding this life of mine.

Last year I followed His call to leave where I was. I followed His call to be home and minister to my family. I followed His call to write and to sharpen my skills. I followed His call to a new part-time job. It may sound strange to some, but I just keep going where He tells me to go.

This, my friend, is nothing short of an adventure!

And quite possibly the greatest gift is, I don’t necessarily need to know where we’re going. I’m just enjoying the ride.

What about you? Is your life one big adventure? An adventure with God? Where you’ve moved over to the passenger seat, and are allowing God to do the steering? 

Friend, there’s such joy in that. There’s joy in being a passenger. There’s joy in allowing God be in control. There’s joy in enjoying the ride.

There’s joy in the adventure.

God’s got your best in mind. He’s not going to steer you wrong. He loves you too much to do that. He can be trusted with your life. After all, He created it and He created you.

Embrace the adventure.

Your life is the adventure of the rarest joy.“Your life is the adventure of the rarest joy.” – Anonymous

It most certainly is!

Thanks for allowing me to be on this adventure with you!



May God bless you, this 30th Day of 31 Days Finding Joy In The Journey! One day left in our journey! I appreciate you being here, friend!

31 Days Finding Joy

Forget The Finish Line

We had eight miles to go.

We had already biked seventy-two that day.

“We can do this!” I cheered in my head.

And then we turned the corner. Straight into the wind.

Oh no. Headwinds for the last eight miles.

“Really, Lord? Really?”

I wanted to cry. But I kept my mouth shut.

My husband pulled our tandem over for a break, as my brother called me on my phone.

“Are you okay?” My brother seemed concerned about us. Evidently my voice indicated I was far from okay. Which was accurate.

But after my brother’s encouragement, and after our small break, we were back on the road peddling again.

We encouraged each other. We kept our eyes up. We prayed. I turned on Pandora to some rockin’ 80’s music.

Our joy returned.

We took our focus off of finishing, and got back to enjoying the journey. Even if we were biking into the wind. Even though our rears were numb and our legs were noodles.

What a difference a change in perspective made!

We forget to enjoy the journeyLife is too important to focus on the finish line.

Where in life are you and I focusing on the finish line, and not appreciating the journey?

It could be as simple as looking ahead to punching out at 5pm, or living for the weekend.

Or focusing so much on the prize at the end that we forget to appreciate the road to earning it.

May we appreciate every moment of today. Every day of this week. Every mile on our journey.

Even if we’re facing a headwind, or if our rears are sore and our legs are noodles.

Enjoy the journey. Forget the finish line.

Find what encourages you today to enjoy the journey, my friend.

Have a blessed day!

Today is Day 29 of 31 Days Of Finding Joy In The Journey. The biking journey I describe above is from RAGBRAI 2014. The most amazing experience my husband and I shared together!

31 Days Finding Joy