Hold On To Hope

It’s easy to lose it.

Or to let go of it when discouragement weighs us down.

Or to lay it down and forgot where we put it when we’re weary and tired.

Or to wonder if it’s even worth carrying it around any longer.


Hope it’s essential to pack on this journey of life. And we need a full dose of it. Every single day.

Without it, we probably won’t get very far. But if we do, we won’t arrive at our destination very joyful or encouraged.

No one will want to journey with us. Absence of hope makes one miserable. And everyone around him or her.

Hope is what keeps us going. It’s what encourages us on the toughest of days, and lightens our spirits when the dark tries to engulf us.

It’s what helps us to keep on keeping on.

Friend, no matter what you may be walking through today on your journey, hold on to hope.

Hold on to hope

Hang on to it tight. Don’t loosen your grip on it. No matter what.

Then share it with another so it multiplies. It’ll become a beacon shining the way for many.

And what a beautiful beacon it will be!

Hold on to hope.




It’s Day 28 of 31 Days #EmbracingTheJourney. We have four days left of this wonderful adventure together. I appreciate you being here!
31 Days Finding Joy

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