Indulge Occasionally

Some days we just need to let go a little, don’t we? To let our hair down. To loosen up the tie. To have a little fun. To do something a tad-bit crazy.

When was the last time you did just that?

Let me ask you another question:  What’s your go-to indulgence?

Chocolate? Wine? Bacon?

When was the last time you indulged in it?

You know what they say…

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” (Or Jill a dull girl.)

Now, take for example, if I ate bacon every day (I used to when I was a teenager…seriously!), my heart probably wouldn’t be so happy. And now this week, with the report that came out saying processed meats can cause cancer, I should not be eating bacon every day (thank goodness I don’t).

But every once in a while is okay. Same goes for french fries, or cheesecake, or whatever your indulgence is.

Every once in a while is okay.

So, as you and I journey down the path before us, when life gets serious, and the clouds loom overhead, and we haven’t taken a break in awhile, may we remember to lighten up a little and appreciate again those things in life we enjoy.

Indulge occasionally

May we remember to indulge occasionally. And to not feel guilty about it (that’s where I struggle), but to savor it.

We certainly don’t want to be dull boys or girls, do we??

(My husband is making apple crisp as I write this. I’m heading to the kitchen to indulge in some right this very moment.)



It’s Day 30 of 31 Days #EmbracingTheJourney. Now, I need to clarify something… I’m not referring to indulging in something that’s morally wrong. That’s not something I would choose to write about here. I think you know where I’m coming from in my words, right? This post is also a part of Five Minute Friday. Free-writing for five minutes on a one-word prompt. This week’s prompt is BACON. All Five Minute Friday writings can be found at Kate Motaung’s place.
31 Days Finding Joy

10 thoughts on “Indulge Occasionally”

  1. Yes we need to indulge occasionally. For me, it’s chocolate, a good wine, etc. And that apple crisp YUM! Enjoy! I’m parked in the #2 spot this week.

    1. Hey friend! It was good seeing you last night at #fmfparty. Love to read your indulgences! The apple crisp was wonderful… as always. He’s so good at that. I’ll be having some leftovers today. You’re a blessing, dear one. Have a great day!

  2. For me, it’s expensive cigars…cigars reduce both pain and nausea, and were suggested by my doctor. When I asked about the long-term effects, he said “You don’t HAVE a long term.”

    So I smoke the cheap ones every day, but the expensive ones, I save for when my wife rents a really good movie from the library (may I suggest “Cast A Giant Shadow”?).

    1. I understand expensive cigars are quite the treat, and you just confirmed that. I’ve never tried one, so I’ll take your word for it, Andrew. 🙂 Enjoy those all you can. Thanks for the suggestion! Keep going, my friend.

  3. Hello there. Dropping in from FMF…Love the permission to indulge occasionally… I particularly love a tasty dark chocolate…although the apple crisp your husband is making sounds so divine….

    1. Hello! Oooh, I enjoy dark chocolate too. That’s a good one. The apple crisp was almost heavenly. He knows how to make a mean one, for sure. Thanks for stopping over. I’ll visit you soon as well!

  4. Oh I love how you made this work, my friend! Great job! And I am with you… I very rarely indulge in bacon… sweets is more my downfall. But either way – I don’t do well long term when I cut something out completely… allowing yourself to indulge every once in awhile is good and actually works better for me, too! (Speaking of Apple Crisp… I have some in the frig that I forgot about… hmmm… unless someone else ‘indulged’ in it before me!) 😉

    1. Sweets is mine too, yet some days I crave Doritos. (What’s up with that??) I get tired of fighting the cravings and just have to give in some days. I know that’s probably not the best thing to do, but for me, it works too. Can’t wait to read your post too. Will stop over soon! Bless you!

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