When Life Gets Too Busy

Don't be too busy in life. Stop and smell the roses.I wore busyness like badge. No one was busier. I was proud of the busy life I led. If you asked me how I was, I would have replied, “Busy!” The busier I was, the more important I felt.

Busy people get more done.

Busy people are going places.

Busy people have more important things to do than stopping and smelling the roses.

At least that’s what the world told me. And I bought into it.

Society teaches us the busier we are…

–the more important we are,
–the more influence we have,
–the more money we’ll make,
–the more we’ll feel better about ourselves.

I found none of the above to be true. Truth be told, I felt like I was on a racing treadmill, running myself ragged, but getting nowhere, and soon to crash.

Can we just slow this thing down?

It was time to step off. And so I did.

Moms are busy. Dads are busy. Our kids are busy. We’re all busy. With work, volunteering, school, activities, staying up late, getting up early, organizing our stuff, cleaning our stuff, fixing our stuff. Yes, we all find ways to be busy.

But, is life really meant to be this busy? Do we really need to do all we are doing? Being over-committed, over-stressed, over-the-top weary because we are running ourselves beyond what we should be?

Really, when was the last time we stepped off the treadmill?? Not just for a few seconds to catch our breath to get back on, but to let our bodies and minds rest??

I’d say now is as good of a time as any.

I wonder how many blessings I missed because I was either looking down at my phone or looking too far ahead to the next thing to notice them.

Or how many sunrises and sunsets I missed because work was too important.

Or how many blooming flowers I cared not to stop and soak in their fragrant aroma because I had better things to do.

Now, I’m not saying we should be idle and all we should do is “smell the roses.” Not at all. But what I am saying is,

Life is too important to be so immersed in our busyness that we miss life itself.

Look around you. What simple joys can you appreciate today? What roses can you smell? What part of life can you soak in? What can you do to slow the pace of life a little?


Finding joy in the journey…

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