Step Into The Sea

It’s easy to do what we’ve always done, isn’t it?

I believe we human beings tend to be habitual creatures. We get used to how something is or how life goes and we like it that way.

Oftentimes change can be difficult.

Oftentimes we find we do a certain activity or we go about our day a certain way because “we’ve always done it that way.”

We put our head down, and tread the same path, doing the same actions, day after day.

Am I the only one??

I wonder how many special scenes, moments, opportunities I’ve missed on my journey because I was focused on just “doing what I’ve always done.”

Doing what we’ve always done isn’t a bad thing, though. But if we’re stuck in a rut and think things will change if we keep doing the same thing, we’re misled.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” –Albert Einstein

Life is full of endless opportunities, unlimited potential, and never-ending occasions.

Life is a sea of possibilities.

Sometimes we just need to lift our eyes, perceive what’s around us, and step into the unknown.

Step into the seaTo step into the sea.

To allow ourselves the space to dream again, to give ourselves permission to try something new.

To not be hindered by the unknown, but to embrace a new and different experiences.

To take a brave step forward, to get a little uncomfortable, and to realize there’s more to life than how we’ve been living.

I don’t know what sea is ahead for you, but don’t be afraid of the possibilities it holds.

Just take one step at a time.

Cheering you on as you step forward today!




It’s Day 29 of 31 Days #EmbracingTheJourney. What is your “sea” that’s ahead of you? Is there one step you can take forward in it today?
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