Trust Your Driver. Enjoy The View.

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.” –Corrie Ten Boom

I like to be in control.

But I’ve learned from experience, it’s best I’m not.

I pray often, “Thank you, God for being in control. And thank you that I don’t have to be.”

I can mess things up pretty quick. Especially when I think I know better than God. And He’s proven He knows best.

He can be trusted on this journey of life.

So often we can only see just ahead of us. We can’t view the twists and turns on our path way up ahead. We can’t see the valleys, the rocky terrain, the sharp curves.

But God can see them all. When we stay close to Him, and allow Him the driver’s seat, He’ll safely guide us down the path.

To the next stop on this journey.

And since He’s driving, we might as well enjoy the view along the way. Right?

Trust your driver. Enjoy the view.

Trust your Driver. Enjoy the view.

Glad we can travel this path of life together! I appreciate you being here!



It’s Day 9 of our 31 Days #EmbracingTheJourney. This post is also a part of Five Minute Friday, where many of us free-write for five minutes and we gather to share at Kate Motaung’s place. This week prompt is TRUST.
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16 thoughts on “Trust Your Driver. Enjoy The View.”

  1. He is a pretty great driver too. I would trust him to take me anywhere. Love that Corrie Ten Boom quote too. I’m parked ahead of you this week in the 11 spot.

  2. Oh He’s A LOT better driver than I am! I’m laughing because for my FMF post, I talk about driving too. Only I was in the driver’s seat and got in trouble. It just goes to show you…

    Great dose of encouragement here today, friend.

  3. One might infer that on this particular journey, while I do trust the Driver, I’m sure not enjoying the view…today I was bouncing between a fever of 104 and a subnormal 96, and lost enough blood to make Dracula’s day.

    Still happy, though. It’s a choice, and that
    is the one I am making.

    Besides, I like to freak out the people who think I should be mad at God because THEY’RE mad at Him.

    #6at FMF this week.

    1. Andrew, I’m sorry to read you were bouncing between a high and low fever, and lost a lot of blood. I continue to pray for you. Glad you are choosing to remain happy and not mad. Bless you!

  4. Great thoughts!!! Corrie Ten Boom is one of my favorite people to speak on trusting God. Not long ago I taught our oldest to drive, and it involved a lot of trust in God, and not being in the drivers seat. Now I am about to teach my next!!!! Thanks for the thoughts and encouragement.

  5. I love that quote! Our way is unknown to us and we don’t always see a clear path ahead yet we know Him and know He can be trusted. I love that! Thanks for sharing with us! (stopping by from FMF)

  6. when the ride is frightening or arduous it is hard to enjoy…you know like going to the top of a mountain up corkscrew curves. you feel squeamish and grip the seat tighter as you look over drop offs. not fun drive but you crest to the top and you see the crazy spectacular view. worth it finally!

    1. Yes! Finally… all that squeamishness was worth it. Won’t it be that way when we reach our final destination, too!! Great thought! I appreciate you sharing. Blessings!

  7. i have to giggle as i picture me, back-seat-driving (or rather, passenger-seat-driving) when i think i know the better way, but my husband’s at the helm. how our Papa must lovingly laugh, or grieve, when i miss the sights because i’m so busy trying to tell Him how to navigate the road… when all along, he’s the One who knows the way i’ll experience the journey best. thank you!!

  8. Hi Julie – I’ve always loved the metaphor of life as a journey. And it’s hard, sometimes, to let someone else take the wheel – even God. Thanks for the timely reminder (especially in these days of gorgeous fall colors…scenery that can be enjoyed so much more as a passenger!!)

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